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Thursday, June 12, 2014

Gallery 2: Starcards Kara Trading Card Set

Continuing with card #51, here are the rest of the cards that came in the big stack I bought. To see almost all cards #1-50, see yesterday's post. As before, subsets are five cards each, and the subset names are my own creation.

Musical Symbol Subset

Outer Space Subset

Roses Subset

Angel Wings Subset

Dots Subset

Quotes Subset

Pink Sparkles Subset

Blue Sparkles Subset

Abstract Painting Subset

Gold Dots Subset

Different colored coupons were included in packs. These are much thinner inserts, and I think there are five different coupons for every color (one for each Kara member) but the same set of photos are repeated for each coupon color. The backs are all identical, though it seems like the gold ones are the important coupons to redeem for prizes. The website on the back is gone.

Green coupons:

Gold coupons:

Pink coupons

Purple coupon:

We're going to go back in J-Pop culture time tomorrow...


  1. Maybe you have mentioned this before and I missed it, but are the K-Pop groups so interested in coming to the US that they put their trading cards with a ton of English? Or is it a Korean desire for English on the cards? Just curious....

  2. I've mentioned it in an Engrish post in regards to Japanese culture, but K-Pop and J-Pop both use a lot of random, usually bad English in their songs. As far as I know, these cards were marketed and sold only in Korea and Japan, so I don't think the English-language market really has anything to do with it. So it's a K-Pop/Korean and Japanese thing. Most younger Koreans and Japanese can read words and understand a bit of English after learning it in school.

    1. Okay -- thanks. I wasn't sure if the Engrish would include the cards like this. Keep on posting -- these are actually kind of interesting to see...and they are a nice change from everyone else's picture cards of sweaty, hairy men! :-)