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Thursday, June 5, 2014

New Release: 2014 BBM BayStars

I don't understand why, but BayStars cards are really difficult to come by. There must be some very obsessive fans, because the cards seem to disappear quickly. Sure, I can find some singles, but full sets and inserts, and many of the base cards too are gone. Maybe they get sent to Yokohama. Maybe I should check the stock at the Yokohama card stores.
 The base card have borders on three sides, though the vertical borders fade away from the bottom to the top. The card design is good though as usual it doesn't really stand out. The backs, too, are quite appealing, though the information is the same as always. The base set is only 81 cards including the subsets.
 The first subset has two cards, Title Holder cards for Tony Blanco and Sho Aranami.
 The other subset is a four-card Messenger of Victory, which I'm thinking is for players who were traded or signed from other teams.
 There is a promo set for the BayStars just like the other team sets. The difference is the notation above the player's name, the card numbering, and the chevron background behind the glowing player instead of just the  photo background.
The only insert set is Brightest Stars. It uses two photos on the front, with one of those repeated on the back. As usual, it's an insert for the sake of being an insert. There is a serial-numbered to 100 parallel of this set.
There are plenty of autographs in the boxes, with 74 players and three mascots signing single cards. Print runs range from 30 to 70, with most having 60.
Additionally, there are three dual-autograph cards each with a print run of five cards.
Finally, "special" autographed cards with 15 copies each were made for six players.


  1. I want the Tigers to trade the foreign pitcher to the Baystars so we can have a "Randy Messenger Of Victory" card...

  2. All the great puns that could be...

    I swear, a card company really needs to hire me to help with design and set creation. I would have little hidden treats all over the set!