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Friday, June 27, 2014

1994-1997 Colorado Silver Bullets Trading Cards: Overview/Summary

The Silver Bullets existed from 1994 to 1997, and one or two card sets were issued every year. Here's a very quick rundown/summary of all the sets, plus links to my full posts on each.

Melissa Coombes pitched for the Silver Bullets for three years, and started out as the team's only southpaw. She has cards in all of the 1994-1996 sets, so I just used her cards for this post. Except for 1997, when I used a different Melissa. Because, hey, why not?
 1994 Team Set: 25 cards.
 1994 Coors Promotional Set: 9 cards.
 1995 Team Set: 27 cards.
1995 Coors Promotional Set: 28 cards. I don't have any of these cards yet.
 1996 Team Set: 28 cards.
1997 Team Set: 26 cards.

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