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Tuesday, June 3, 2014

"Sign" of the Times

I still don't have my Carp 40th Anniversary autograph card. I saw some this weekend for about $20 each on the low end, but I'm holding out for a lower price. But I did get two other Carp autographs a week ago:
 From this year's Carp team set, of a player who probably won't see much action at the top level. That's why his jersey number is 120.
 There are fewer cards than his jersey number!
 And from the 2013 Carp team set, this one is of another player with a triple-digit jersey number. Sure, they probably won't be stars, but at the same time I'm always happy to add autographs to my type collection.
Speaking of adding to my type collection, I had the parallel but never got the regular version of this year's Buffaloes team set insert. Problem solved!

New "problem": I spent a few hours working on updating the oddball and old menko set listings in my database. There are well over 100 newly-listed sets, which means I now have well over 100 new cards to hunt for! I haven't focused much on vintage and there aren't many places to find it. Actually, if it wasn't for trades with Rob Fitts (see his eBay store here) and NPB Card Guy I wouldn't have really added any in the past year.

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