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Monday, June 16, 2014

Yet Again With Morning Musume: 2002 Amada Series 2

For now, I'm assuming this is the second series, and that it followed the series that was in yesterday's post. A majority of the cards in the lot were from this set, and will wrap up that lot... though there are more Morning Musume to come in the near future. (I can hear half of my readers groan with disappointment that there will be more. And the other half groan because they have to wait.) The copyright line is different here, "Amada" instead of "Amada-Bandai".

Anyway, this set looks like it runs from card 97 to 194, with possibly more cards after that point. I really like the two evening gown cards that start the set, partly because "formal" wear is largely ignored in Japan so it's different compared to the other cosplay and outfit images I've been seeing lately. The seizure-inducing crazy-patterned floral costumes are back too. I think those outfits are a major contributing factor to the widespread Japanese eyesight deterioration issue.

 Cards from 182-194 (or later) are single-sided acetate cards. The backs are blank behind the photos, while the borders are see-through. My scanner automatically cropped off a lot of the border on many of the cards.

 And, below, an image that Picasa assembled by itself from some of the spaz costume cards. I think it's pretty cool this way, like a Bazooka 4-in-1 card!


  1. At least the floral pattern wasn't accompanied by a card with the same floral pattern on it!

    1. Yeah, I think these are a little better.

  2. Wow, this set makes you wonder what the lives of these women were like... "OK, ladies, we're going to spend another week dressing in innumerable costumes, but we're spending all of this week posing with balloons..."

    For some reason, the back of #106 (Ai Takahashi) makes me think of the British comedian Benny Hill.

    1. I can see why you think that about Ai's card. I think there were some similar images used in Benny Hill products. And for what I understand being a pop idol can be pretty tough. Unlike US pop stars, there is a lot of practice memorizing dance moves, tons of appearances, frequent concerts (I think AKB48 girls perform 3 times a week). Meet and greets can be really creepy and dangerous, too - a couple AKB48 girls were injured recently when a crazy man attacked them with a saw at a handshake event.