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Tuesday, June 10, 2014

More Money, More Foreigners

If you've been reading my posts you might have seen some of these cards already. But I picked up a few cards for my foreigners collection last week, and I bring their international flavor to you today!
 Three foreign hurlers in the new 80th Anniversary set.
All three cards from the Lions team set International Import subset.
 A couple real cards from the Lions team set. I didn't get the regular cards for the other three players because "new" foreigners come at a premium, but the subset cards usually don't.
And only two BayStars players from the 2014 team set. I noticed that my lists aren't quite complete for 2013 players, as some of the foreigners seen here spent time in the NPB last year but weren't in my spreadsheet. I'm not sure why - I guess the statistics on the website I was using weren't complete. I'll need to review the 2013 rosters.

Get ready for girlies, as I have some idol cards to share with you this week!

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