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Saturday, February 8, 2014

Trains! No Planes or Automobiles.

 While people in Japan have cars, especially those who live in rural and suburban areas, the trains and subways are the easiest way to get around in cities. They come as frequently as every three minutes during rush hour, and they'll get you within a 10 minute walk to almost everywhere in the city. Japan has an obsession with trains, so it's not uncommon to see photographers on platforms catching images of trains. In fact, rare, new, or soon-to-be-retired models can cause crowd problems in stations.
 Tobu is one of the independent train companies; it serves the area north of Tokyo from Ikebukuro and Asakusa, notably serving Nikko. It has its own museum near Asakusa, displaying a lot of old trains and such. But since this is a trading card site, I'll show you my souvenirs from the museum: a postcard (seen at the very top) and a set of trading cards. The set has header and backer cards, plus sixteen color cards all at the standard size.
 The fronts have a small white border but no text, all with photos taken from the same angle. Backs have lots of Japanese with the model number and specifications. I believe all the trains featured in the set are active trains; I didn't see a set of retired models although I'd love to have that as well. I believe the set put me back $2-3.

Here are the rest of the cards, with the header card at the end. As always, you can click to enlarge the scans.

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