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Thursday, February 13, 2014

New Release: 2014 BBM Golden Eagles 10th Year Memorial

BBM's first team anniversary set is already on shelves, hot on the heels of the Eagles' first Japan Series victory. 
 The base cards use the team colors and a typical modern design. The borders are semi-transparent. There are 90 cards in the set: 74 regular cards, three mascot cards, four former manager cards, and a nine card 2013 Best Nine subset. The subset cards use the same design as the regular base cards, with the addition of a small "logo" somewhere on the card.
 The backs are pretty standard. The cards are numbered in the lower right, and [TRGE 10th] is found on the copyright line.
 The lone insert set is called Eagles All-Time Leaders. There are nine cards in the set, each with a player who leads in one or more statistical categories. Teppei leads in career hits and runs, for example. The cards have the typical holo-foil coating.
I like the black-and-white picture on the back. Cards are numbered in the lower right and have an EL prefix. I'm not aware of any parallels to any of the sets in this release.
Image from BBM
There is a single autographed set in the release. I count 50 different subjects, with some being sticker autographs and others on-card. They are limited to 27-120 copies each; only two players have under 59 copies of their cards.

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