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Tuesday, February 11, 2014

O Captain My Captain Canuck!

Some time forever ago (August), Captain Canuck, writer of Waxaholic and other blogs, sent a PWE my way via San Francisco. The envelope finally made it here last month, and I think I'm just about caught up with my trade posts from last year. He sent me six stickers from the 2012 Topps Stickers set toward my set!
 With these six stickers, I only need two more, numbers 87 (Francisco Liriano) and 182 (Johan Santana). If you have them, I'd be extremely grateful if you would send them my way.
 I really like the 2012 set design. It's simple and clean. And it looks like a road driving off into the distance!
 I think I have a full 2011 set, because I opened a bunch of packs when they first came out. I don't have any records in my regular lists, but this post makes me think that I still need some stickers from 2011.

I haven't tackled the 2013 set, but if I find a box cheap (doubtful, but you never know) I'll probably make a go of it.

Anyway, thank you, Brian, for the help!

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