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Tuesday, February 4, 2014

2012 Yokohama BayStars Team Issue "B-Spirit" Fan Club Limited Cards

 The BayStars issue their own annual set that's available only through the fan club. Titled B-Spirit, the designs are fun and if it was easier and less expensive to get the cards I'd probably want a full set. I don't think this set has been cataloged yet, but the complete checklist is available via the download link on the back.
Speaking of the back, they have the same galaxy/star background as the front, with a head shot and some biographical information. There's also information on the fan club. The QR code will lead you to the download page for the cards. You have to be a member to download the cards (and thus see the large versions) but thumbnails for the entire checklist can be viewed by category (pitchers, catchers, infielders, outfielders, and other). Cards are numbered by the player's jersey number.


  1. These have now been added to the SCF database. They actually do have a card number down in the lower right corner on the back, but without seeing the backs of ALL of the cards, it will be difficult to list them properly. For now, I just went with the uniform numbers.

    I'm curious why they didn't repeat the web site thing for the 2013 set.

  2. Ah I forgot all about that tiny card number. Uniform numbers are the most visible, for sure, and because the website uses uniform numbers I just added that in as I was typing my description. Plus, I was trying to compare my cards to the checklists on your team set post on your blog, which uses jersey numbers.

    It looks like the 2013 set is first numbered by jersey number, and then when the players start repeating the card numbers are different (>150 for example). My 2013 post is coming tomorrow.

    1. I mostly use uniform numbers to checklist the cards because I can almost never find shots of the card backs.