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Wednesday, February 26, 2014

2013 BBM Greatest Games 10-16 1985 Swallows vs. Tigers

Not quite a new release, but I just picked up my sample from this set a couple weeks ago.

Released in December, the latest Greatest Games set focuses on the game played between the Swallows and Tigers on October 16, 1985. This game gave the Tigers the league championship - and it ended on a tie! This was the first time the Tigers were league champions in over 20 years. 
 The base cards have a three-sided border, and the usual basic information is given on the front. Images aren't the best but I'm 99% sure BBM uses photos or possibly film grabs from the game itself. The backs use a cropped image from the front and some basic write-up information. A statline is on the back for the year; the text below this describes the player's contribution to the game.

Each box comes with a complete base set of 36 cards, plus one special card. There are 3000 sets in total, and their retail price is 4000 yen.

There are four "Special Insert" foil-signed cards with 60 copies each, plus a triple foil-signed card with 34 copies. If you're wondering, Randy Bass appears on one of the 60-copy cards, plus on the triple card. I haven't seen one of these online or in stores - only 274 (less than 10%) of the sets include a foil-signed card.

from BBM/SportsClick
Almost all boxes will come with actual autographed cards. Seventeen Tigers players and eleven Swallows signed cards for the set - I haven't seen them in person but I'm sure they're sticker autographs. There are between 60 and 120 copies of each autographed card. Randy Bass does not appear on the autograph checklist.


  1. 1985 was the year that the Tigers won their only Nippon Series.

    1. I guess that's kind of important too. Perhaps!

    2. Well, it's why the game mattered :-)