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Thursday, February 20, 2014

The Unkowns Part 1: More Vintage Trade Awesomeness

I don't know much about these cards. They came from my trade partner that I talked about recently (thank you so much again for the awesome cards!), but my guide doesn't identify everything he sent. At least, not as far as I can tell. I'll be using codes in a couple images that are found in Gary Engel's book. If/As they're identified, I'll edit the description to show its name and/or code.
 I think this card is from a set issued by the same manufacturer as JCM 70, or is a variation of that set. It has a near-identical design, but the back ink is blue instead of grey.
 This card is identical to the 1951 Osato Gangu Game Set (JGA 11). The only problem is that it has a blank back.
 This fun menko looks like a variant of JCM1, due to the design on the back.
 This is another JCM1 variant, with a fruity back.
 I really like this horizontal menko. The back cartoon reminds me a little of a horizontal JCM 31.
 This random bromide with a Carp player has a stamp on the back. The photo, or at least follow-through pose, looks familiar.
 This menko comes from one of a series of Marusan menkos. The Kokotetsu hat doesn't seem to match any of the cards in the book.
 Another blank-back bromide.
 This blank-backed menko looks familiar to me, too. I might have one of these already but I can't figure it out.
 Another blank backed menko...
And one last karuta. That looks like a Tiger (it could be another team with a T hat), and the hiragana says RU.

I love a challenge, but if anyone has information about the set's names I'd appreciate it! This is yet another reminder that I need an updated Engel guide...

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