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Friday, February 21, 2014

The Unknowns Part 2: Stuff I Just Don't Know About

Yesterday, I posted a bunch of Japanese cards I received in a trade that I wasn't able to identify myself. Today, I bring you many of the others I haven't yet figured out.
 2-3/4" x 4-1/4" blank back - looks like it might be related to JBR 30 (1962 Marusan B&W Bromides), and it is Toru Mori. Has some adhesive, so may have been a premium/prize with bromides, or a display.
 2-3/4" x 4-1/8", with a similar design - possibly the two cards are trimmed or just poorly cut from the same release.
 Obviously this is a Calbee. I don't know anything about it though...
 This is a postcard. I'm sure I asked about it before and I think it was answered already. And I recall knowing something about #18 for the Giants. I can probably do the work myself, but if someone knows off the top of their head...
 This card and the next came together in a set with a folder of sorts to hold both cards. It was most likely issued in 1997 by the Giants. This is a regular trading card.
 This is a phone card of some kind. Together they celebrate Matsui's first and one hundredth home runs. Given that I have the year and basic manufacturer info (Giants/Teleca) if someone knows about issuing details that'd be great.
 I bought a group of bromides while I was in Osaka last year. Some of them have a rough tannish stock. The rough ones are cut pretty square, though some are off-center. They measure about 2-1/4" by 3".
 Above are the other four tannish cards. These might have been attached to something; one has a little paper loss and the others have stains so the could have been glued to a display. Then again, they might have been placed in an album or something.
 The rest of the lot have sepia or black and white photos, are curling, and are not as equally sized. They are about the same size as the tannish cards, and they all look like they were attached to a board or glued into an album. Given their design and photos, I tend to want to link them to one of the bromide sets (JBR 7 or JBR 9a, for example), but they don't quite fit. Here are the rest:


  1. You found the Matsui card home run card a few months back at a flea market:

  2. Jason: yeah, I re-scanned the cards individually for this post. I should have included the other image too. By scanning the cards I now have an issue date, at least - 2007.

  3. The player on the Giants postcard is Tsuneo Horiuchi. There are 5 similar postcards on Yahoo Auction right now (including a different card of Horiuchi), but there isn't much more information listed.

  4. Thanks. I need to update these two posts...