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Sunday, February 23, 2014

More Pretty Girls on Cardboard

I'm really tired, so I want to get out a short post today.
I collect strange stuff, and I know it. In addition to baseball cards, I've picked up plenty of non-sport issues. Add in some figurines and other stuff from Akihabara and plenty of random souvenirs during my travels, and my apartment has boxes of knickknacks I don't even know how to display!
 I've been chasing after a Disney sticker set here in Japan, issued similar to bromides in small paper envelopes for 32 yen per pair of stickers. There are some short-printed sparkly stickers and I need just a few to finish my set. These packs of stickers occasionally have coupons for free packs, but because the store had no more stickers, they gave me three envelopes of AKB48 menkos.
I'm not really complaining, although I would really like to finish my Disney set.

I'll be heading off to bed soon (I'm writing around 10:30 PM)... good morning to everyone in the US when this post goes live, though!