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Thursday, February 27, 2014

2013 BBM Shinya Miyamoto Memorial Set

Issued in late November, this box set pays tribute to Shinya Miyamoto. In a fairly unique move, BBM included several of Miyamoto's teammates in the set. There were 3000 box sets produced, with a retail price of 4000 yen.
 There are 27 regular cards in the set, many of which feature Miyamoto. However, 15 additional players appear in the set. The first nine cards are Miyamoto by himself, the next 15 are single-player cards for his teammates. Cards 25-27 are dual-player cards using a kind of split-screen format. The fronts have the player's name as well as a title (the card above's first line says "Miyamoto Shinya History"; the second line translates as "Consecutive Chances at Shortstop Without an Error: 463") in Japanese characters.
The backs use a sepia-toned version of the front with a write-up. [SHOKYU] appears on the copyright line.
Each box includes the full 27 card base set and one special card. There are three types of special cards:

  • three different photo cards
  • 16 different foil signature cards, in blue foil and gold foil variations
  • 16 different autograph cards, in vertical (30 copies each) and horizontal (60 copies each) orientation.
With 1440 autographed cards, less than half of the boxes contain autographed cards - and only 90 of those have Shinya Miyamoto's autograph. I couldn't find any samples or information on the photo and foil signature cards despite their relative abundance.

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  1. It still boggles my mind that this set doesn't include a card of Wladimir Balentien.