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Friday, February 7, 2014

Another Cheesy Grande Trade!

Chris, Mr. Nachos Grande, completed a trade with me some time last year. Yes, things are that complicated with my mail that I don't know when trades were done. But what isn't complicated is how much I like the cards he sent!
 There's a couple First Day cards for my Stadium Club set. Some of the 1st Day Issue cards are easier to find than the regular SPs.
 I think this had a black border at some point. And I think it's Chrome. But my scanner doesn't, so it turned it into a pink thing that looks like it was printed on a 1990s DeskJet.
 I dug deep into Chris's "For Trade" list, picking out cards for my type collection.
 USA! Looking at the names on these cards, a few have moved up the ranks in professional ball. I like the game summary card in the first row, but all of the cards are great for my Team USA collection!
Thanks a ton, Chris! Hopefully we can put something else together this year!

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