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Sunday, February 9, 2014

Stale Cards Taste Better

Jason has rare cards. He pulls all manner of oddballs from who-knows-where, tosses them in a box, and sends them my way. I don't know how he does it, but I'm certainly grateful for his assistance with my type collection! His great blog is devoted to the oddities and obscurities found in the collecting world: international cards, minor league, team sets, regional cards, and anything else that doesn't say Topps or Panini. But he also collects mainstream stuff too. And he has made a serious effort to keep the Sports Card Forum's Inventory Manager up to date, especially when it comes to cards that aren't found in Beckett or other guides.
 Team set oddballs: perhaps the best thing to send to me!
 I am trying to collect this entire 2500 set, though the jury is still out whether I'm in my right mind. But then again, I'm not really trying too hard, just getting a few here and there in trades. I think I have about 3% of the set.
  Are you a Toronto Blue Jays Fanatic? That's a pretty fun card. The old-school logos (three of them!) on the Padres card is cool too.
 Dude. Dominican Republic winter league cards!
 There were lots of minor league cards, including some from pack-based sets.
 I've realized in the past few months, between trades and COMC searching, that there are cards I thought I had but didn't. When there have been around 30,000 different baseball card sets issued over the years, things slip through the cracks.
 Let's get minor.
 This might be my vote for minor league set of the year, whichever year it was made. Just because it has the shot of the ballpark in the background.
 I like that Winters. Historical minor league sets are few and far between.
 Jason must be a serious Clippers fan. There were tons of Clippers cards in the box.
 He's a huge Hensley Meulens fan, so that might be a good reason to buy lots of Clippers sets. But I hope this is an extra!
I miss Dairy Queen. I remember in the 1990s you could get ice cream sundaes in baseball helmet cups from them, very inexpensively. I wonder if I still have those hats...
 Cool Cardinals (Redbirds) logo! And another Clippers.
"OK, Joe. We need your picture for the card set."
"Well, I have to go hit infield."
"That's fine. We'll take your picture in the tunnel, in front of the cinder block wall here and we'll turn on the flash."
 Shawn Abner went on to be a catalog model.
 That's a cool 1986 Topps minor league card. Oh, that's a 1988 team issue? I wonder what Matt Winters thinks about being a Chick.
Paparazzi baseball card photos: "Leo, look, quick!" *snap* "Thank you!"
 It's always great when the clowns get to play baseball. (How horrible would it be to have that name?)
 Three cards. Three horrible pictures. I actually enjoy seeing the usually uninspired, often quickly-taken photos that make it onto cardboard.
 Isn't that Richard Pryor? He looks like Richard Pryor, with some more meat on his bones. It doesn't help that I saw Brewster's Millions.
Jeff Yurek is not impressed with Rocky Bridges' award.

There were tons of cards in the box Jason sent, and it was really difficult to choose which ones to scan. So I scanned too many! I really appreciate all of them, and I look forward to our next trade!


  1. I lucked out on the Clippers sets. Before they switched affiliation from the Yankees to the Indians, they ran their own website and online team store (before took everything over). As everything was being remodeled with the switch in affiliation, almost everything in their store was on huge clearance markdown. I picked up a ton of team sets (including some rare stuff) for $0.25-$3 a set.

    With the advent of digital photography, we're a lot less likely to see cards like that Jim Buckner. I'm not entirely sure that's a good thing. There were some wonderfully bad photos amongst some of those old minor league team sets. And Ronald MacDonald. Poor guy.

  2. That's an awesome find, then! I like the idea of each team having a fairly uniform website (i.e. because it makes it easy to find information when going from team to team. But indie websites are so much more fun to look at.

    And yes, photographers now can take 10 or 20 shots in a row and it doesn't cost them a dime, and the cameras take better photos in low light and action situations so they can have some game shots instead of just portraits. I'm not sure how things were back in the 1980s and 1990s, but I think each team has its own photographer or photographers that shoot action at all the games too.