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Friday, February 14, 2014

New Release: 2014 Sports Graphic Number Tomonori Maeda

Before starting this post, does anybody know all the Sports Graphic Number sets? Using SCF and my memory, I have the following:
  • 2014 Tomonori Maeda
  • 2013 Kenta Maeda
  • 2012 Hiroyuki Nakajima
  • 2012 Hiroki Kokubo
  • 2011? Masahiro Tanaka

The latest offering under the Sports Graphic Number name is another single player pack-based issue. Tomonori Maeda retired at the end of the 2013 season and multiple sets and commemorative cards have been issued already: BBM did its own box set and Maeda is also in the 2014 Farewell set.
 The base cards use the usual template: most of the fronts have their own picture, with the backs usually forming picture puzzles. However, some fronts are used to make 4- or 6-card puzzles. It appears that almost all of the photos were taken at the same game or series; some older photos appear at the end of the set. There's also a checklist card. I have yet to see a SGN card with stats or a bio on it. The base cards have an RG prefix, with 90 cards in the regular base set.
 There is one 18-card SP insert set. The first nine cards have gold foil signatures with photos from Maeda's farewell speech. The back forms another puzzle.
 The other nine cards use silver foil and generally have photos of Maeda at bat. Both the gold and silver versions seem to come at equal ratios in packs. Again, there's another puzzle on the back of the silver SPs.
There are also six Privilege cards, each with their own images on front and back. Three of the cards are Box Privilege cards (numbered 1-3) and the other three are distribution privilege cards (numbered A, C, and F). There may be more privilege and promo cards I'm not aware of; these are the only ones I've seen. The distribution privileges haven't been available in stores, only on Jambalaya's website, though they are priced the same as the box cards.
Number2014 athlete card "uniform number 1 Tomonori Maeda" [photo card / 2] Tomonori Maeda (Hiroshima Toyo Carp) limited edition of 145 (065/145)
Jambalaya image
There are nine photo cards, identified on the checklist as "Rare" cards. They are framed limited cards, numbered to 145 each.
Number2014 athlete card "uniform number 1 Tomonori Maeda" [Home jersey card / patch version] Tomonori Maeda (Hiroshima Toyo Carp) 480 limited edition (P017/480)
Jambalaya image
The memorabilia and autograph checklist looks like this:

  • Memorabilia 1: Home Uniform (note that patches are numbered as part of the overall scheme, but have a P prefix) (#/480)
  • Memorabilia 2: Visitor Uniform (#/480)
  • Memorabilia 3: Undershirt (#/160)
  • Memorabilia 4: Bat
  • Memorabilia 5: Batting Glove
  • S-Rare 1: Signed Card (3 types)
  • S-Rare 2: Message Card (3 types)
  • SS-Rare: Signed Card (distinct from the regular signed cards, I'm not sure how though)
  • Authentic 1: Signed (on or with a ball?) (3 types)
  • Authentic 2: Signed with Home Uniform
  • Authentic 3: Signed with Visitor Uniform
  • Authentic 4: Signed with Undershirt


  1. The Tanaka set was 2012. I think you've listed all the sets.

  2. Thanks NPB Card Guy. I think I'm missing a couple sets in my collection!