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Monday, February 17, 2014

Trading Towards a 2500-Card Set

Remember these things?
Donruss/Playoff's downfall in 2005 was probably at least partly due to the insane number of parallels. When all the parallels are added in, 2005 Diamond Kings had 211 different sets in its release - Beckett's database identifies 102 of them as parallels and 83 as insert parallels. Topps probably used that example for its "confusion in the marketplace" argument.

Upper Deck had a lot of problems, too. And in the last couple years of its MLB licensing agreement, it inserted some massive sets into its packs. There was Yankee Stadium Legacy, and then the 20th Anniversary Retrospective. With 2500 cards, it's the largest set I'm trying to complete, and I've written about it several times. Because each card front is repeated on five cards, it's quite irritating - the five short blurbs on the back of the cards could have been combined into one card, and only a 500-card set could have been issued. But, then, Upper Deck wanted an insane set.

I've contemplated collecting 1/5th of the set - one card from each "series" - but regardless of how I do it collecting this set is really slow going.

At this point I don't know how many cards I have. I changed the format of my want list for the set so I don't have a count, though I am guessing I'm around 10-15%. The cards you see above came from The Baseball Card Snob, in exchange for some Japanese Yankees cards. If any of you have cards from this set you want to dump on me, I won't turn them down!


  1. I had gotten some of these in packs back when they had them and occasionally I'll see some in the repacks I get. Right now I have a few that I don't want or need. Due to the hugeness of the set I never got the nerve to try to complete it I tip my hat to you for going for that gold medal. At this time I have:

    2152 St. Louis Cardinals (shows David Eckstein at bat looks like he just hit a homer)
    2257 Josh Hamilton
    2455 Jay Bruce

    LMK. you can email me at klandersen at

    If I get any others I'll check back from time to time to see if you need them.

  2. I collect the Indian cards but have never seen the Thome before. Will have to search for those !

  3. Emailed you. I have some these available.

  4. CaptKirk and Angels: I just emailed you.

    Baseball Dad: The set has so many surprises, and with such a large checklist it's not tough to overlook something. Some of it is quite frustrating, but seeing something new and interesting makes it worth the effort... usually.