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Wednesday, February 5, 2014

New(ish) Release: 2013 BayStars B*Spirit Fan Club Limited Edition

The 2013 BayStars fan club set has at least four parts to it, unlike the 2012 set (see yesterday's post) which seems to have been issued in only one style. The first version uses a white background with two player photos on the front, along with a gold facsimile signature and the player's name and jersey number. Some - but I seem to recall not all - cards have a sparkle coating. The backs use blue card numbering which seem to match the player's jersey number.
The second version, which may be a parallel, a short print, or simply a subset. Note the gold card number that doesn't match the player's jersey number, and the sparkle coating. Again, I think that some cards don't have the sparkle. I'm not 100% sure on this. The fronts all have views of the field in the background, although they are not all the same view.
The third style seems to be a mobile-based set, due to the logo in the upper-left of the card front. Since B*Spirit cards are given away at games, it's likely you had to use a mobile app, the mobile website, or do something else online to get the cards. The QR code on all three cards goes to These cards use a black background and I didn't see any sparkle coatings on these cards.
The fourth style of card features the cheerleaders (diana). These have pink backgrounds with a small "team" photo and large solo image; each cheerleader has her own card. The cheer team cards are numbered such that I think they follow the numbering of the main set, although they don't have the QR code found on player cards.

I didn't find a gallery online like the 2012 cards, so I can't get a full checklist or a really good grasp of the set. But I'm sure with some good searching it's out there, in Japanese most likely. Like the 2012 version, I would like to have a full set of these cards.


  1. Actually saw a display at Yokohama Stadium last March showing the first set of cards. Until you wrote this, I had assumed they were 2012 cards (mostly because I didn't noticed Tony Blanco in the set). I did a post today showing the picture I took of the display.

  2. Looking at your post, I like that DB Starman card. Your photo shows the dates the cards were released, and since that ended in June the second version was probably released in the later half of the season. I guess it always pays to snap a few extra photos!