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Saturday, January 7, 2012

USA! USA! USA! USA! USA! (Goodbye USA?!)

How appropriate is it that I purchased this set right before I leave for another country? The annual USA Baseball set is in stores, and I found a retail set hidden at a nearby Target. For $10, not only do I get a full 61-card set, but there's an autograph included too!

 The set has the Collegiate, 18U, and 16U teams. Okey dokey?
 Apparently Chris is a good player. He just had a birthday, too!
 This Chris is an Elder to Okey. HAH. I should be writing for 2 Broke Girls.
So that's my autographed card. Who knows, he could be some superstar in a few years and I'll be rich beyond my wildest dreams, Bryce Harper style! And then Strasburg style, my card's value will crash like a Kia running into a bus.
 All Topps Autograph card signings are witnessed by a Topps Representative. That's good to know, and not so tough to do with a Team USA product. And hey, it's probably quicker getting the autographs back from the professionals if the rep shows up and says "We had an appointment to sign these 5000 copies of Gypsy Queen today, Mr. DeJesus. So let's get started."
There's the base card checklist. Why didn't I scan the back? Oh well.

Gotta finish with a patriotic video, right?
Have a great Saturday night!


  1. a complete set + an autograph for $10? now that's a good deal.

  2. I saw these yesterday but didn't grab one. Maybe I'll be going to Target tonight again.


  3. You could finish the entire set with one box? No wonder these went flying off the shelves in Japan. Have a safe flight Ryan.