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Monday, January 9, 2012

Drafting Heaven: I'm leaving on a jet plane...

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Today's the day. Well, I say "Today's the day" but I'm writing this post on Friday. I'm already a mess. Who knows what I'll be like today. Writing the posts for this weekend has made me all emotional and nostalgic and all that other estrogen-filled crap I'd rather not think about. I need to watch some NASCAR and drink some beer. Or shoot a defenseless animal. Or tackle someone carrying an egg-shaped piece of pig skin. What other manly things are there? Um, I should drive my 1960s sports car really fast over the San Francisco hills. Or fish. Or not talk about my feelings.
So it's 3AM now. At about 11:45 or so, I should hear something like this:
And then I fly!
Not like that.
Hah. Great movie!

I love this animation. I've shown it to my students as, um, a diversion for a couple years. I have to explain it to some of them, even though they're high schoolers - partly because they don't know what "diversion" means and partly because they can't understand the emotions as conveyed through the signs' body language.

I suppose I should show some cards.
 Set building!
 Will I begin Lineage insert set building? This might be the start! You can consider insert cards from Lineage to be trade bait for me.
 60 Years of Topps. But this is going towards my Awards collection.
 I was going to use Mr. Ruth here in my awards collection as well, but I might have filled that spot already.
 Another Alomar needed for his Gold Gloves!
 I didn't realize this until recently - the "Pro Debut" logo is a MiLB thing, not a Topps thing. Pro Debut might be a required logo or set name/issue in the Topps/MiLB licensing agreement.
 Another card I was going to use in the awards collection, though again I might not need it. I like this card, though.
 Topps HD is a great looking set. This insert would have been so much better without the giant letters in the background graying out the wonderful colorful printing.
 I think the woman who inspired this character no longer works at Topps.
 Every time I see one of these cards I want to get it!
Last, this may be the best card I pulled in Cardboard Heaven's trade bait draft. I still have some hits to show you later, but I think I placed this card as my number one non-hit pick, and it might have been in my top five.  It's from the Black Friday promotion, and the black borders are thicker than they appear (thanks, scanner). I was quite excited to see this, even if a year or two down the road I see a bunch of them in a dime box!

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  1. I got your box today. THanks for spending the time getting it to me when you were in the middile of moving across the globe.

    Good Luck!