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Wednesday, January 4, 2012

It took a month, but this card is COOL!

Over the past few weeks I've been trying to collect the cards I need to finish my 2011 sets.
 Kimball minis: DONE!
 Gypsy Queen The Great Ones: two left!
 Reprints: DONE!

But the last card is a story of perserverance. Remember last month when I told the story of the eBay seller who totally sucked? This is a story of a different seller. I found a card I wanted included in a lot of Delmon Young cards on eBay, and the Buy-It-Now price was right, so I jumped on it. In a few days, the lot arrived - missing about 1/3 of the cards. I really didn't care about any of the other cards in the lot. The card I wanted was one of the cards missing.

I emailed the dealer, he apologized, and in a few more days, another package arrived. But instead of the Delmon Young cards I was due, I received a small lot of Delwyn Young cards. Hm. Close, but still, not the card I needed!

Emailing the dealer again, he was greatly apologetic and said he'd ship the correct cards. Off to Georgia I went, and when I returned, a now-familiar envelope was waiting!

And inside was the card I wanted!
Ain't it a beaut? Numbered 4/10, it's my first (and most likely only) stamp card from Gypsy Queen.

Of course, I now have about a dozen Delwyn Young cards available (anyone? anyone? Bueller? Bueller?) and a couple dozen Delmon Young cards as well (I repeat - anyone? anyone? Bueller? Bueller?).

While not every 2011 set I attempted is complete, I did pretty good last year. I'm ready for 2012! Let the insanity begin!


  1. Hard to believe that it took three times for the eBay seller to get it right, but at least they finally did. That's a sweet card!

  2. Congrats on finishing the Kimball minis, even though now I have little-to-nothing to offer you for the cards I asked you for ^^;...

  3. I'm sure you have several Japanese cards that you can offer in trade! Besides, with the two codes you graciously gave to me, you've already given me two vintage Topps cards! They should be here today.