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Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Japanese Preview: Rookies!

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The second "pack" of cards from Jim was BBM's version of Bowman.
 This is 2008 BBM Rookie Edition.
 There are two pictures instead of one on these two cards. Notice the 2000 and 2004 dates? These are sort of "retro rookie" cards, and I believe they're numbered later in the set. LaRocca must have played American ball. Through the 2007 season he had a .300 average in NPB, according to the card.
 The real rookies are here with this golden background.
 Unlike the "veteran rookie" cards, these have only one picture, and they all appear to be quick portrait shots.
Again, the set name is prominently yet tastefully displayed on the front, and is also repeated on the back!

By the way, I haven't talked much about the backs or shown you one yet, but they contain mostly Japanese text that I can't read - all English fronts, mostly Japanese backs! Eventually I'll remember to scan a card back, but it won't be this week. Sorry.

While the design of the "1st Version" set I showed yesterday focused on the photo, this set has more of a Playoff or non-flagship Upper Deck feel.

Tomorrow, we'll look at a set that's not really done in the U.S.


  1. I just looked up Greg LaRocca. He played in the big leagues with San Diego in 2000 and Cleveland from 2002-03. Defense appears to have been his big issue because he had 6 errors in 15 games in 02 at third base. Small sample, but that is still a lot.

  2. Love those dual photo cards at the top... keep 'em coming!