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Sunday, January 1, 2012

Before the World Ends: 2012 Collecting Goals

I don't believe in any of that doomsday garbage. So a calendar ends? Big deal. If the end of the world really does come, I'm not going to do anything special to prepare. Shouldn't I be living my life as if I might die tomorrow anyway? Enjoying the time I have now is all that really matters, with plans for the future included. Or, as a great singer/songwriter once said:
It ain't about how fast I get there. It ain't about what's waiting on the other side. It's the climb. By the way, this is the first time I've ever seen the video - though I've obviously heard the song before. I prefer this one:
Even though in 9 days, it will be a party in Japan. Yep. That date's coming QUICK.

I need some goals for this year. Last year was a big year for my card collection, and while I didn't go crazy I did spend a lot more than I should spend in 2012. So here are my collecting goals, in order of importance. (Post idea stolen from Cards from the Quarry.)
1. Make major progress on a Japanese type collection. Since Japan will be my home, I need to make the most of it and focus most of my efforts on Japanese cards. I didn't discover any sets worth collecting (in my opinion - there are plenty of great issues, just nothing for my interests) while compiling my lists, save for a few art sets that will probably be too difficult to attempt. Menko sets are pretty cool, though. My goal by the end of the year: 25%. It shouldn't be too tough to find most of the recent stuff, but as soon as I start going into the past I have a feeling my job will get quite difficult. The good news: most card sets in the database are major releases that should be available from some of the dozen or so card stores I've discovered in the Tokyo area. The real question: what will it cost?
Difficulty: 5/10.
2. Buy/trade for complete sets of the following 2012 sets: Topps, Gypsy Queen, Archives (maybe), and Allen & Ginter. Also, I may pursue some insert sets from these releases and others. The flagship issue could be purchased as a factory set for about $30 (plus Update, which I know will cost another $20-30!), while the other two can be bought right off the 'Bay around release time. That is, unless someone here is planning on busting cases and wants to offer me base sets for a decent price (no SPs necessary). Gypsy Queen has announced four insert sets, and I plan on having all four plus any retail-only inserts they include. Not a tough thing to do, but important to get done on the year of release. It seems to be quite difficult task to buy or put together complete sets long after their release. Money comes into play again, though.
Difficulty: 2/10.
3. Keep up with the type collection. I made major progress on the type collection this year through card shows, online purchases, and trades. I don't want to lose ground this year just because I'm out of the country. I'll be able to work with eBay for most of the big new stuff, and I can trade and bulk purchase on COMC for the lower-tier cards. I need to keep at least a 25% rate on 2012 issues if I want to be successful at this, plus I hope to have some time and funds to work COMC for some more of the "older" cards to keep making progress. I'll need your help with this, traders - if you want to "work" a release for me in trade for Japanese cards or a small fee (I'm not bringing in big money, you know), we can work something out.
Difficulty: 6/10.
4. Keep trading with the blogging community. Trading will be tougher being overseas, and I won't be doing one-for-one card trades with most of you. Postal costs are just too high. But I will still have my SF address so you don't have to pay a fortune to send cards to me. If you're interested in some Japanese cards, I can be your go-to guy. There have been some American players on Japanese issues that I might be able to find. And I'm not going to be completely shut-off from American releases.
Difficulty: 7/10.
5. Keep quality posts going on this blog. Or, at least what I consider quality! Seriously, there will be so much going on for me outside of this hobby that I know twice-a-day posts will be too much, even if I did simple, short posts most of the time. And believe me, I have enough content right now to do small posts once or twice a day for the next year. But I don't want to throw stuff on this blog just to keep up with a posting schedule. My goal: 3+ posts per week on this blog, 7 posts per week on Cardboard Zoo (much easier/quicker to write than this blog), and 3+ posts per week on my Japanese-life blog.
Difficulty: 8/10.
With so much effort being put into the Japanese type collection, and so little access to American cards (via card shows and stores), many of my collections will be put on the back burner. My collecting goals will focus on Japanese and current releases, and I hope to keep up my connections with the rest of you in some way or another. This is going to be a unique year for me, and I hope you'll stay with me as we pass through it!
Did you just tear up? If you didn't just get watery eyes, you have no heart.

Did you just tear up? If you didn't just get watery eyes, you have no heart.


Happy New Year!


  1. Good luck with your goals and in Japan. I am glad that you are going to be continuing the trading thing. You are a very valuable member of this community.

    I would like for you not to think of it as a stolen idea, replace the word "stolen" with "inspired by". Although it is true that I have many fantastic ideas that are worth their weight in platinum, I don't consider them mine. I put them out there for others to think about and use.

    Now that I have climbed off my soapbox, please allow me to climb on another one. I have yet to figure out why people predict the end of the world. If you are wrong, you are (justifiably) treated like a hair-brained boob. If you are right, there is no one left for you to brag about your accomplishments. It just seems like a no win situation.

    BTW, is there any significance to the collection of 6 cards associated with goal #3 or are they just a random assortment?

  2. Good Tidings on your goals - I do like those Miley Cyrus songs

  3. I'm going to try and send you an envelope with some money for the Mariners clearance cards in the next few days. Any chance you could send them before you leave?

  4. I didn't know that Miley Cyrus sang that first song. I head a guy perform it on a YouTube video a while back and liked it. Anyways... best of luck on your goals and have fun in Japan. Happy New Year!

  5. hiflew: Thanks. I think we all inspire each others posts, but I stole the whole difficulty thing right from you! And I don't get the whole end of the world thing either. There is no significance other than they were scanned together!

    John: I aim to please!

    Fuji: I sometimes enjoy other people performing songs, if they do something special with it. Too often, though, it's just some young teenage girl who thinks she has talent but doesn't! Hopefully we can work something out in trades if you're interested in Japanese cards - I think you said at some point you collect Japanese players or cards of US players in Japan. (I could be wrong.)

  6. I primarily collect unopened Japanese wax packs, so if you find at affordable prices... I'd be interested in buying or trading for them. As for actual players... I mainly only collect Ichiro and his pre 2001 cards tend to be too pricey for my tastes.

    Can't wait to read your posts on their baseball cards and learn a little more about their stuff.