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Sunday, January 8, 2012

Heavenly Draft: Team USA for my last night in the USA

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Type the word "Party" into a YouTube search box and this is one of the first videos that shows up.

Let's see what kind of patriotic videos I can come up with for the end of this post, shall we?
 Bowman Platinum is such a waste of foilboard, though it does have a Team USA subset. I've been making pretty good progress on the team set though!
 Wait, Tigers hat and USA jersey? What's going on here? And isn't that hat just a little too big for him? He looks like a 12 year old with that goofiness going on!
 Ack! More Platinum! Foilboard apparently doesn't scan well.
 Yep. That picture really stands out, though the Bowman Platinum logo has great placement on these two cards.
We can see that one! And I think Mr. Hood here is in the 2011 Team USA box set, too.

Cameron's draft was truly awesome! I still have a couple more posts worth of cards for you folks. Meanwhile, let the videos begin.
I love the vintage feel of this song and its video, and Christina Aguilera looks good. And it's kind of patriotic!
Is that two posts in a row with a Team America video? F yeah!
I had to put in a clip from my favorite movie. It's a great song, a great scene, and hey - she's leaving home too! Zooey Deschanel is one of my favorite actresses, and it started with this movie.

One day, you'll be cool.

Yeah, it's a party! I guess? And if you have never seen the original music video for that song, it's Michael Jackson epic (though nothing will ever be as good as a Michael Jackson video).

Tomorrow, I fly to Japan!


  1. That is a very unfortunate placement of the Bowman Platinum logo. Luckily there are no women in the set, otherwise we might be subjected to a bunch of mini Bowman Platinums next year.

  2. Have a great flight! I look forward to keeping up with your experience. Rock it out in Japan bro!