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Saturday, January 14, 2012

Quick Japanese Update

I know some of you are already reading my Japanese blog, and I'm about to make a new post there as well. I'm keeping all my Japanese experiences to that blog.

In the meantime, the posts I've written for This Card Is Cool have run out, and while I have more material to write about, I don't have much time to actually sit and write it down, and even less time to post it. I'm working in an internet cafe right now, which takes about 20 minutes to walk to one way.

One week from Monday, I will continue on to my home branch school, where I believe I'll be moving directly into my apartment. I can then get myself organized! In addition, I should have some more time for baseball card writing. I'm not gone, just on vacation, you could say! Though it sure has been a lot of work these past couple of days. I should return to some form of posting in a couple weeks. In the meantime, my writing focus is on the Japanese blog!

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