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Saturday, January 7, 2012

Draft Heaven: Liquor in the Morning

We'll keep the conversation down to a minimum on this post. Here is the first of a few posts bringing you my loot from Cardboard Heaven's trade bait draft! I could run a whole bunch of awesome drafts like this with all the cards I have in Georgia, and perhaps in a few years I'll have the time and ability to do so. In the meantime I'll probably just keep participating in everyone else's drafts!

I picked up more liquor than I can bring to Japan without paying taxes! Towards the end of the draft, I ran out of cards that could benefit my collection, so I told Cameron to just grab the liquorfractors he had to fill my stack. What am I doing with them? I'm just going to pass them on! Hopefully I can remember to get these packaged up tomorrow for someone who told me he's trying to build the set. I might need a couple cards, but the rest are all (hopefully) headed your way!

 Oops. Scanned that the wrong way.

And that is all! Not a bad selection of players!

There's so much liquor here, you might have alcohol poisoning! Do you feel a bit ... tipsy?
Are you spacing out?
Stay tuned! I have some really cool cards coming up later!

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