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Friday, January 6, 2012

Nachos (Grande) and Bikini Snowboarding: a great Friday evening.

Chris of the group break-running (nice little plug there!) Nachos Grande found a small stack of cards he was holding for me and sent them my way!
 Don't get too excited (does 1970s vintage get you excited?) over this card - it's from the 60 Years of Topps set.
 How about four base cards from 2011 Topps? 2012's release is a month away! Are you excited?
 Another 60 Years of Steroids Topps card.
And then here's Mr. Mustache! Yes, 60YOT.

Chris, thanks for the cards, although to answer your question/comment you sent with the cards - I didn't need them anymore. Time is short but eventually I shall pass these on to some eager blogger or collector in the future!
In case you were hoping for snow and just don't have it, this should make your weekend a bit nicer.


  1. Glad you got 'em, bummer you didn't need 'em anymore. At least you needed them at one point so my little notes on stacks of cards method isn't completely for crap.

    And for the rest of it, well, I guess there's no one good reason for there to be snow...

  2. heck yeah 70's vintage gets me excited... but not as much as bikini snowboarding ;-)