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Monday, January 2, 2012

Trade with Kyle: Whistling While I Work

Let's start off with a video:
Jump to 2:30 to begin.
These cards all came from JABO's hut. (Hah. See what I did there? No? Okay.) The winner of the Persistence Award sent along a bunch of great cards as part of a trade/purchase deal we worked out.
 A bunch of women-in-sports cards from Allen & Ginter, a set I never really put into the WIS collection since I have the regular set and don't think about extras. There's NO HOPE if you don't study your ions! That's what my Chemistry teacher would say every day in class.
Heh heh.
 Nice chair! I prefer the more pod-like egg chairs though:

 I'd like to get my mitts on her! I wonder how many times she heard that line as a teenager.
And there were several other cards:
 Another one of these things. The set that I'll never finish!
 A card from the 2008 WalMart exclusive Topps set!
 Pujols PC need
 Pujoles PC need
 Pujols PC need again! You know, a simple run through COMC would finish off most of my player collection needs. But I'm just too lazy, and it gives you guys something to trade with me!
 2011 Topps (990 cards): COMPLETE! Kyle finished my set!
 Hm. Who cares about Jake McGee? Really? Maybe some Rays fan out there. You could say that it would fit just a bit outside my collection. But this card leads to the back:
 *Yawn* just a simple short write-up that normally would be in small print beneath some stats. But what's that in the upper right corner?
That's right, that's a plate! My scanner decided to reject the right side of the image but this is a nice card to add to the type collection! I really should get a count of how many plates I have now. I might be in double digits!

Kyle, these cards are cool! Thanks a ton! That video at the top of the post wasn't. You could say it was juust a bit outside of the normal. Now, if you guys have paid enough attention to the random stupid videos I've posted, you recognize that I've already posted that video before. Well, it's been updated:
And again:
Yep, I'm gonna miss America.

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