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Thursday, January 12, 2012

Japanese Preview: Tokyo Yakult Swallows

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The third pack of cards Jim provided from Japan was from this team issue for the Tokyo Yakult Swallows:
 The design is fairly simple, yet different from the 1st Version set issued the same year. This is a 2008 set, which you can tell by looking at the BBM logo at the top and the set name always provided clearly on the front and back.
 Again the design focuses on good action photography. The complete set runs at least 80 cards, but probably isn't larger than 90 cards.
 Speaking of 80 cards, here is card number 80, a subset card which I think features veterans or retired team members.
 The team issue set is just like any other card release - a good-sized base set, plus a few parallels and inserts, including autographs and relics. BBM doesn't overdo the hits like American card sets do, though.
 Each team in NPB gets its own team set release, and some teams receive multiple releases depending on their popularity and any team milestones (making the championship series or winning the championship, or an anniversary year, for instance).
Mascots get their own cards in the set, and even have autographs. Zippy Zappy tells me there are sets devoted entirely to the cheerleaders. I will hunt those down!

Remember earlier this week I told you there was something good at the end of the week? It's only 24 hours away!


  1. If a card shop in my area still has pack or two of the cheerleader cards I'll get a pack for you. Planning on getting you something else too...

  2. Can't wait to see those cheerleader cards ;-)
    I was shocked to find them in one of my BBC packs... definitely one of my favorite cards:

  3. Kenny: thanks! I will be checking the Tokyo area shops as I find time as well! Anything you find is very welcome!

    Fuji: Totally awesome! I wonder if they come in autograph versions too?