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Tuesday, January 3, 2012

On tour with 2009 O-Pee-Chee.

Let's play Been There, Done That.
Been there. 2011.
 Been there. Many times, actually, including a few times this past season. This shot isn't seen by many visitors though - most fans arrive via BART and see the opposite side of the stadium where the center field luxury boxes are.
 Been there, 2009! This is the last of the ugly parks before Camden Yards changed everything.
 While I've been to DC twice, I've never seen a game. This is a black border, which is why there are no borders.
 This other black border card is another Been there, again in 2009. I walked all the way from the Miller brewery to the park in fairly warm weather to watch the White Sox beat the Brewers in an interleague match-up. It's a nice stadium, though!
 I might have driven through Columbus, Ohio once. I've never stayed there, though.
 I might visit Korea in the next year or two!
 Chicago - though this is an away shot. Any idea where this was taken? I've been to Wrigley Field!
 I'm not sure I ever saw Ripken play, and I've never been to Baltimore.
 See above. I really wish I could have made an east coast trip some time recently.
 Philadelphia is another city I never got to visit that was supposed to be part of a big east coast trip in 2009 or 2010.
 I saw a game in old Yankee Stadium in 2006. I like New York. If/when I return to the States, I think I'd like to try living there for a few years. Then I could have time and ability to get to all those other places in the northeast!
 Hm. Middle East. Scary place. There's not much there to interest me!
 I've been to Tennessee, especially Chattanooga and points east.
 My cousins both went to MSU, but I've toured the Michigan campus as well. Nice place.
 I'm proud to say I have the other historic stadium - Fenway Park - under my belt from the 2006 trip!
 Pittsburgh: 2010. Penguins: never. Pittsburgh was exactly as I thought it would be, which isn't all that bad.
 My friend who lives in Japan lived in Seattle for a while. I was planning a trip this past summer or fall but it never materialized.
 Hey! Japan! Hah! A perfect card to end this post on. Countdown:
So why am I posting a bunch of 2009 O-Pee-Chee cards out of the blue? Why, because of this guy!
Thanks Robert! These are a big help on my set building!


  1. My pleasure, thank you as well. I now know that I really do need to work on my handwriting skills.

  2. My son has four OPC stadiums he'd like to trade you for "somebody awesome". 504, 511, 518, and 525.


  3. Another thing on my bucket list... hit up every MLB baseball park... although I'm far from my goal. Btw... cool, creative post.