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Thursday, January 5, 2012

Two thousand two hundred eighty two.

Look at that number again.

Two thousand two hundred eighty two.


I scanned 2282 images last night.

That corresponds to approximately 1100 cards, front and back, with some bad scans added in that were then redone. So as I write this post, 2282 images are moved from an SD card to this computer, for future use.
Meanwhile, I look at the floor, where four 800-count boxes and three 400-count boxes wait to be scanned, and several more team bags are sitting next to me, also waiting to be scanned. When I'm done, a small but very meaningful portion of my collection will be digitized, ready for me to post here on the blog and the Cardboard Zoo, and backed up on a drive for insurance (and, well, backup - this is a lot of boring work!) purposes. So involved in scanning was I, that dinnertime came and went. From about 4:30 until 12:30 AM, I scanned cards. That's alright.

Today I'll scan more, between my two trips out. I'll be meeting up with reader/friend Jim for one last exchange of cards and some delicious sausages at lunch, and my long-time friend Kristen for an even more delicious Chicago-style pizza for dinner.

Where did these cards come from? These are just a few thousand of the cards I have (had?) stored in Georgia. The rest of the cards are still there, but I shipped a few boxes home just for this scanning purpose.

And among the boxes I shipped here came a few other packages I have to share with you, but those will have to wait! For some reason I've been waking up around 8AM lately, and since it's now 1AM I'm quite tired. Hopefully I'll think enough to take a small break and write an afternoon post. Otherwise, I know you guys understand that this project and other events are taking precedence!

After all, I leave in...
(That would be the Four Tops, so I'm out in only four days!)


  1. I got tired just reading about all that scanning.

  2. Egads! Is this with a flatbed scanner or something with a feeder? What model scanner are you using?

  3. Josh: I'm using a Brookstone photo scanner. It's a feeder and fairly fast - about 6 seconds per card. However, it doesn't like cards thicker than, say, flagship Topps, and most cards thus have a scanning artifact on the right side of the scan. As a photo scanner, I recommend it. As a card scanner, it would be good for scanning lots of base set cards (especially if you don't mind a blurry line on the right side of the scan) but the thicker the card, the worse the artifact, and most relic cards are too thick at all to scan. (The search continues...)