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Monday, January 9, 2012

Heaven Hits Hard: Trade Draft Hits!

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I continue to write posts on Friday. When this posts I'll be somewhere over the Pacific, about four hours into my flight and already bored, with another seven hours to go. I'm hoping I'll have an electrical outlet so I can work on my laptop for some of the flight! Meanwhile, here are all the hits from Cardboard Heaven's trade bait draft! This finishes the series.
Before mighty Facebook, how would I have found Tom Hanks?
 Cowboys and anthrax.
 This is my juice, and I'm hungry!
 Like I always said, "Can't police no underwear."
 I'm gonna dance, make love, and fix snacks for the Highlander marathon! That's right!
  Women have a special feeling, though. They've got an extra special lady shimmer of no maximum strength. You could be sick, pooping out blood, and you'd still want them! Happy Hoops Day.
 Look at me! Anybody shoot rabbits?
Watch out for these spiders! Big potato moths! Big potato moths!

I don't know how I got so many autographs in the draft, but I'm happy to have them! I think most of them are needed for the type collection.

Speaking of hits, here's some Mike Tyson quotes.
And if you're wondering where my really random comments above came from:
Oh yeah, I've got swag. Because everybody needs toucan stubs.

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  1. Is this title by any chance a Braid reference? A long shot, but....