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Friday, January 6, 2012

Contest Winners: Button, Button, Who's Got the Button?

In case you're wondering, I scanned another 2500 or so images today. I'm about halfway done! I'm hoping to complete the scanning process today.
Let's get on with the contest, okay?!
There were 35 comments on the blog post - not a bad turnout! The prizes and their winners are:

1) A collection of seven random CCG packs and a matchstick garden! (#32 Napkin Doon)
2) Not Another Teen Movie on DVD and a matchstick garden! (#1 Play at the Plate)
3) Dude, Where's My Car on DVD and a matchstick garden! (#3 Mark A.)
4) American Pie Unrated on DVD and a custom photo ornament of the Chicago Loop (as photographed by me)! (#27 Dan)
5) Wild and Outside in paperback and a custom photo ornament of Chicago's Navy Pier (as photographed by me)!  (#14 Fuji)
6) Scooby Doo Mysteries and Monsters box of trading card packs (chance for autographed cards and sketch cards)! (#4 Mariner1)
7) a hardcover copy of Cardboard Gods! (#24 Derek)

It seems the random number generator liked numbers that ended in 4 at the end there.

All DVDs are used and should work fine, though I can't guarantee that they will. Contest winners are asked to email me (link through the profile) by the end of the day today (Saturday morning at the latest). I need to mail these Saturday! Even if I have your address already, I'd appreciate it if you'd send it again just to ensure I have the correct address for you.
Now, how about that button?
Ugh. Photographing with an iTouch isn't pretty. I knew I should have brought these home to scan instead!

What's that in the little relic window? Why, it's a button! This card is numbered out of 6. It's not as cool as the awesome patch RGB Cards posted yesterday (two days ago?) but I'm mighty proud to have this in my collection!

Thank you to everyone who entered in the contest!


  1. Thanks for the contest Ryan... email headed your way. Look forward to seeing this photo ornament... can I get it autographed by the photographer? ;-)