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Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Trade with a Facial Cleansing Product!

Man, that just sounds wrong. But isn't that what a napkin is?
So, Mr. Doon decided to send along a bunch of cards in return for something I sent him in return for something he sent me... The never-ending cycle continues! And this package was super awesome!
 First, some turn-of-the-century shiny! A-Rod and The Man With Two First Names. Chrome will be the death of me, I swear. These cards look much better in person!
 It looks like I need to clean the scanner as it's leaving a line across the scans.
 Plus, he helped out the type collection even more with a bunch of Stadium Club team set singles!
 It seems that he chose the best player from each team for my collection.
 It's kind of sad when the best player on your team is a young reliever. Though he's come a long way since then!
 Big Hurt!
 And Mr. 40-something!
 Hit me, Napkin... one more time!
 That's right. I think I may end up having to assemble this relic set. It's only 99 cards deep, with some of the biggest names in baseball - Mantle, Koufax, Aaron, Ruth, and more. I suppose this puts me at 2%! Those cards were great, but he topped that with the last two:
 eTopps! I never buy eTopps, even though it's in the type collection, because I never think about it!
 Napkin sent two former stars. I really like that Teixeira design - a vintage feel but still clean and the shiny refractorness makes it modern too.
That was an awesome package to open, Napkin Doon! Thank you so much! I owe you now!
You get the point, right?

PS. I have a contest going on. Are you entered? Find the post, comment, and you might win! Right now, you have about a 1:4 chance of getting a going-away present from me!

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