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Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Recent Pickups: The Inserts and Parallels Attack!

I don't really buy US cards anymore. Most of my MLB card purchases come from a few runs on Sportlots, COMC, and Just Commons each year. I'm itching to make a couple more purchases in November - Black Friday specials on COMC coupled with cheaper singles from the other sites.

My recent entry into the Yahoo Auctions world has netted me a few more US cards recently, but you'll have to wait to see those until they actually arrive. But the cards below were bought at one of the local card stores using my "points".
 Gimmicky, sure, but I love gimmicks. Inserts with "technology" are cluttering up my want list, and when I needed one more card to use up my reward this became that card.
 BoChro parallels. My Buck Farmer hunt continues, by the way - I have the gold card on the way now, and I'm bidding on a couple other parallels on eBay.
 I always want to buy up all the die cut inserts when I see them, too. But I've managed to be responsible and not chase all the Chrome sets with die cuts.
 A couple more parallels from Bowman. I guess I'm working on a rainbow now for Buck, but one day I'd like to do a full rainbow from one of the Chrome sets.
 Museum Collection, Triple Threads, and the other high-end sets make their way to Japan's stores and the non-hit singles end up on Yahoo or in card store boxes. Most players don't carry premiums - some big names and the Japanese players end up with a higher price. Other cards can be picked up pretty cheap!

Why so many parallels here? My type collection. Keeping up with the MLB issues through online means can be costly - more so than going to shows in the US. The little bargains I sometimes find are certainly welcome!

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