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Thursday, October 23, 2014

A New PC, and a Card to be Proud Of!

You might not know Buck Farmer. But I do.
If you look at that biographical stat line at the top of the card, you'll see that he's from Conyers, Georgia. I used to coach baseball there, and he was on our varsity team and in my class! This is the first (and most likely only, unless I return to the US to teach) student of mine to appear on a baseball card.

Needless to say, I'm adding him to my PC. The above card is the first I have in hand of his, though I have a few others back home. He has three minor league cards I'm aware of: one from 2013, and two from this season. I have all three of those. Additionally, I've been watching the parallels pop up on eBay and grabbing them when I can.

Here is the checklist of all known Buck Farmer cards. Cards with a letter in the left column are ones I have.

If you have any non-strike through cards above, or know of any additions/corrections to the list above, please let me know!


  1. That's pretty cool that you had him as a student. My current secretary grew up in Conyers.

  2. That's awesome! I don't bust a lot of Bowman, but if I come across any Buck Farmers... they're yours.

  3. Nice backstory. I'll keep my eye out for any Farmers.
    BTW, Buck made his MLB debut this year. Your student not only got a baseball card but they made it to the bigs!

  4. Thanks guys! I saw that Buck played in two games this year, though he hasn't done terribly well. Then again, most rookie pitchers don't dominate first time out.

    Buck Farmer is now listed in my Player Collections want list - I have almost all of the easy parallels at this point! (I've updated this page to be current to today, too.)

  5. Very cool ties to Farmer who you probably called George while taking attendance. He is doing very well this year in my opinion. I got to meet him before the season started and had him sign an Allen and Ginter X rookie card. Now that Verlander is gone he may find his way to the big club for good. Glad to see somebody collects him.

    1. While his legal name is George, he went by Buck in high school, too. And since I was coaching him and his brother since they were freshmen, I knew him as Buck before he joined my class.

      I hope they give him a good, actual chance this month
      . He's only pitched in six games this year, and they pull him so quickly.