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Monday, October 21, 2013

New Release: 2013 BBM Young Tigers Box Set

One of the late-season releases issued by BBM this year is a 27-card box set featuring rookies and younger stars on the Hanshin Tigers team.
 The base cards have a yellow and black background with two photos as seen above.
The background photo is reused on the back of the card along with the usual stats, data, and write-up. Again, the yellow and black color scheme is used.

Most people will buy the box set for the chance at a big hit. One of the following card types is included in each box:

Three memorabilia (jersey) cards were issued: Hiroaki Saiuchi, Akira Iwamoto, and a dual-relic card with both players.

There are three different photo cards.

Foil-signature cards with gold signature (/100) and holographic signature (/50) - there seem to be 9 of them. I can't verify that all cards have the same print run and additional parallels may exist.

The big hits will be the autograph cards. They all seem to be serial-numbered to 30.

Unknown parallels could exist for any of the special cards.

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