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Thursday, November 29, 2012

Triple Play Pack Busting 2

Let's look at another pack of Triple Play, shall we? I like this product a lot. Here's number two of five.
Buster Posey is a good start. The sue of the Golden Gate Bridge in the background adds a nice hometown touch.
 Dan Uggla looks like a high school kid here. With a massive Adam's apple. Is that accurate? I'm not sure why they chose that color for the background - shouldn't it be a certain shade of red?
 Those rays coming from Mauer's back are actually pretty-well done. Mild-mannered Joe Mauer works as a modest cashier at his local mom and pop grocery store by day, and is a model citizen in the community. But by night... he's SuperCatcher! Ready to block wild pitches at a moment's notice! Faster than a base stealer from home plate to second! Stronger than a runner during a play at the plate! Smarter than a batter when calling pitches!
 Who is the man pictured here? Where was this photograph taken? I like the idea of this subset, by the way.
 There is a lot of words on the back of the card! And if this is meant for children, perhaps they should have run it by a first grade teacher. Not many kids know the phrase "in essence" - even most high schoolers. I would also like to have seen (or see in the future, if this brand continues) more obscure rules and terminology. Most collectors should know what a pitcher's mound is. How about worm-burner? Meat?
 Hey! A play at the plate card! Either that, or the genie is about to appear. This is another fun sticker without a player.
 We've reached the last two cards in the pack, which means it's puzzle time. A-Rod looks very determined. Why do the Yankees have stars? Are they that special? Couldn't Panini have used images of the Statue of Liberty? (Yes, I get it. Yankees - Americans - Stars and Stripes.)
 The Rangers get the outline of Texas as a background. Josh Hamilton has a nice action card.
Extreme closeup! This is the back of a puzzle piece. Exciting, huh?

Two down, three to go! Stay tuned, folks.


  1. Can't say I'm a big fan of these... mainly b/c of their lack of logos. But I am chasing down the 9 cards that make the Cespedes puzzle.

  2. I can handle the lack of logos, as long as the art is fun enough. Many of the other Panini issues don't interest me, though this and Cooperstown are topical enough to get me.