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Tuesday, November 27, 2012

NOT a baseball card: Red Foley on the Red Sox

I love these cartoons. I love cartoons in general, though I never read comic books. The art in this book is lots of fun, and I seriously wish one of the card manufacturers would release a set of cards similar to this. I suppose it would have to be Topps, since nobody else can get an MLB license.

These all come from the book below:
As far as I can tell, it's out of print and misses 15-20 years of baseball history. My favorite cartoon in this selection: the 1904 "Chicken" cartoon!


  1. Somehow I ended up with the California Angels page from this book in my Dave Winfield collection, but I had no idea what book it was from. Consider me educated!

  2. Interesting. Someone broke up the book? Each page is pretty cool, and if you bought two books (or made HQ color copies) you could easily display each team's history as a series of panels.