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Tuesday, August 22, 2017

Quickies: New Ichiros and Vintage Ohs

I'm pretty sleepy, so it's time for Show and Tell.
I'm making pretty good progress on my Japanese player collections. There are three: Ichiro, Kenta Maeda, and Masahiro Tanaka. I got rookie cards for both Ichiro and Ma-kun a couple weeks ago, and I finally found the last Japanese card for Tanaka I needed as well. Ichiro has made some progress - in addition to the big BBM rookie (I now have two - one for my set and one for my player collection), I've gobbled up most of his flagship BBM cards as well. I believe I need just one or two more! And Maeda is missing just a couple as well - his rookie card is surprisingly tough to find, plus I need another BBM card. I'm pretty happy those player collections are reaching completion! (Until next year, that is, when they get more Topps flagship cards.)
And what you see here is a pair of Giants cards from the Calbee Spring Training subset. I had a little luck during summer vacation, too, and I'm down to needing just one Sadaharu Oh card to finish the subset!

There'll be more fun stuff to come soon!


  1. Awesome photos of Ichiro! and interesting Oh's

    1. BBM usually has quality photos; they tend to have the same type of photos, though. Calbee used to have tons of interesting photos; it's always fun looking through stacks of old Calbees. These days the variety is mostly gone, though. I guess the same can probably be said for Topps.

  2. Awesome cards! Two of the greatest of all-time.

  3. I wonder who the Dodger that Shigeo Nagashima's talking to is. Any clues on the back of the card?

  4. It's a coach, that's all I know. The back doesn't talk about the photo at all. (Yes, it took this long to find out!)