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Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Arigato Gozaimashita, NPB Card Guy!

Somewhat recently, I received my first package in a long time from the states, sent by NPB Card Guy - you know, the one who writes the Japanese Baseball Cards blog. He had visited Japan earlier this year and we were able to get together and visit some card shops. As you know, that means we started talking about cards and want lists and stuff like that, and we've been putting together a trade for a while now.

So it was really great to see the little notice in my mailbox that there was a package too big to fit, and later that day the box was delivered to my place of work (you have to love Japanese postal efficiency!).
 Sitting on top of the box was a Korean card complete with its original holder. I love obscure foreign cards!
 Mixed in with a bunch of other stuff was a single card from one of the Ted Williams sets issued in the 1990s. I have both base sets and I'm eventually going to put together an entire master set (or did I finish that?), but I wanted another copy of the cards from the Women of Baseball subset for my Women In Sports collection. This one card finishes the (small) subset!
Speaking of women of baseball, Fritsch Cards has issued a few series of their AAGPBL cards, and NPB Card Guy had series 1 and 2 box sets. A simple purchase will allow me to complete the set sometime in the next few months!

Last, but not least, a bunch of cards from the 2000 Upper Deck Japan Olympic Team set filled up the box. After seeing all these cards, I have to finish the set! I don't think it will be easy, or cheap, but hopefully I'll come across a cheap unopened box or another large lot of cards. I didn't scan any of the cards because I hope to show them in complete set form in the future.

Actually, I hope to show off all the AAGPBL cards as well. I would love to post a card a day. Despite the lack of images in this post, these are some of the best cards I've added to my collection this year!

So thank you very much, NPB Card Guy!

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  1. Glad you liked the cards and I'm glad they made it all the way there intact!