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Saturday, November 9, 2013

New Release: 2013 BBM Genesis

BBM's lone(?) pack-based premium set came out in September, and Genesis provides the same basic big hits collectors come to expect. Opening Genesis is probably similar to busting packs or boxes of Triple Threads, Museum Collection, or Tier One, though Genesis only has active, single-player hits.
 The base sets this year feature a baseball seam-styled curve using gold foil, with the player's name, position, and jersey number. The typical "Engrish" writing appears below that: Honda's card above says "Hawks play for victory as a united body. The player always show the team spirit." Other teams simply replace the team name with the rest of the text remaining the same. The cards are printed on thick card stock.
 The backs have a few more design elements than other BBM sets, but the same basic information is provided in roughly the same layout as always. "BBM Baseball cards Premium 2013 (Genesis)" appears near the top of the base cards and on the backs of all cards in this release. Card numbers appear at the bottom; there are 108 cards in the set.
 A blue-foil Book Store Special Card was issued to sell through stores like Kinokuniya. The backs are the same, though cards are numbered with an RP prefix.
 The most-common parallel is a green-foil parallel. The backs are serial-numbered to 100.
 The next parallel has a red foil seam design. The red parallels are numbered to 50.
The rarest parallel has a titanium foil - it's almost holographic and is much more attractive than BBM's normal silver parallels. These are serial numbered to 25.

Cross Wind, BBM's cross-brand subset this year, is found in Genesis, with a total of 36 cards (3 per team).

A 12-card team checklist set was also inserted into packs. This year, they don't have any photos on the front and have simple text instead.

There are five insert sets in Genesis, each limited to 50 copies per card. There are 12 cards in each set.

  • Jet Black, touted as "super black" cards
  • 3D Royale, "Ultra 3D" cards
  • Elite of Nine, plastic cards
  • Ultra Nova, which appears to be holographic
  • Cross Wind
Yes, Cross Wind has a /50 parallel. I haven't seen any checklists so I don't know if it's an actual parallel or if there are different cards.

Genesis is about the hits, though, and each box has a relic or autograph.

Relic cards can be found in three tiers: regular edition (20-400 copies each), big version (with patches or barrels, 15-20 copies each), and super version (with large patches or knobs, 1-7 copies each). Some players don't have a regular edition (for jersey cards) or a big version (for cap relics).

Rookie memorabilia cards have two tiers: regular (100 copies each) and super version (4-8 copies each). Hiroyuki Shirasaki has only one card in this set, a 1/1 bat card.

Ball cards are either seam versions (50 copies each) or logo versions (10 copies each).

Baseball signatures (similar to UD's Sweet Spot, but with game-used balls) are 10 or 20 copies.

Finally, Cross Wind autographs are numbered to 10, 15, 19, or 20 copies each.

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