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Saturday, January 26, 2013

Report SPAM. Please help!

Spam blogs are a big problem on the internet. They steal others' posts to drive traffic to their sites, and then they add advertisements or phony links to earn money.

There's a spam blog out there stealing posts from one of my blogs, This Card Is Cool. Literally stealing. If you want proof, go to Google, and search for "Baseball Card Stores in Japan" (use the quotes). You'll see their (stolen) posts first, then mine. There are a couple other spam blogs ripping off my site, but the one at the top of the search lists is the worst - they don't even attribute the posts to me. And it's not just my blog; they're stealing at least one other person's posts.

You can help. Report the site to Google as spam by following this link. It should auto-fill in the URL of the offending site. Then click submit. That's all you need to do. By the way, I'm not mentioning the name of the site or driving traffic to it. If you follow the search above, you can discover the site and see for yourself.

I'm cross-posting this on my three blogs to hopefully help get this site removed quickly. I reported it about a week ago, when I was alerted to its presence, but the site remains.

Thank you for your help!


  1. Wow... didn't realize this was happening. I hope you get these guys shut down. On a more positive note... it shows that you have one awesome blog.

  2. I've followed your link and reported the blog, I hope it helps.

    BTW, if you want more attention I'd recommend putting up a picture of a scantily-clad woman on cardboard to go along with the post ;).

  3. Fuji: I hope they get neutered. And thanks - I think it's just because I have so many posts. Or 100 followers. I wouldn't be surprised if you have a copycat blog out there too.

    Kenny: good call. I have plenty of scantily-clad women on cardboard to entice my viewers!