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Friday, July 20, 2012

Emotional Angels on Order

Let's play the pun game!
I'm lucky follower number 100 of Angels in Order (I was a reader but I didn't follow the blog through Google - go figure). While I'm a bit of an eclectic collector, he is all over the place! Angels cards, random sets (signed or unsigned), specific players...
Anyway, if you're not reading his blog, get over there and check it out. He's running a contest-type thing, by the way.
I was really into Mariah Carey back in the mid-90s.

Why is he running a contest? He's starting a great set-based blog about the 1995 E-Motion release by Fleer/SkyBox. It's a great set that's often overlooked since it's from the '90s. I think it's a great-looking set except for those ROOKIE cards. They just jam that word in your face.
You go now! Check out both blogs! Enter the contests! Take drugs called Charlie Sheen!

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