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Friday, December 30, 2011

12 Packs: The last one, the last part.

Let's do this. Five more packs and I'm done!
 Two First Edition packs in the same repack? Sure, one was an Update pack, but they could have done better than this!
 Another Cub looking randomly out in the outfield bleachers. Must be plenty of hot topless women out in those bleachers. Wait, those are men? Ahhhh!
 Throw... Yowsers. So many players in the process of throwing/pitching the ball.
 And then there's this thing.
 And then there's that thing. The two insert sets I have seen more than way too many times.
 So we get another Upper Deck 2008 pack, but this time it's Documentary. While First Edition is an inexpensive version of the flagship Upper Deck, this set is just... bizarre.

 Is this pack over yet? No?
 Ah, crap. Let's get something better.
 That is better! I'll have two RCs and a Rookie Sensation, per pack, on average! Plus, seven cards of players who actually played major league baseball!
 Is this a night card?
 Cook seems to be happily tossing the ball.
 Mark Grudge.. Gruzz... Grudlez... Grizzleneck. That'll work.
 I'll Hoff and I'll Poff and I'll blow your bat down!
 Randy Johnson looks wrong as a Yankee. Maybe it's the lack of mullet.
 Not rookie!
 And insert!

UD didn't do too bad of a job with the inserts once taking over the Fleer name. But it just isn't like it was in the 1990s.
 X marks the spot, again. This '09 pack was in the repack, while the '08 pack before was just in the markdown box.
 This guy wins way too many Silver Slugger awards.
 There's my die-cut, complete with plenty of scanner artifacting going on.
 Random inserts. I still don't know if the X3 is better than the X2 or X1. I like X2 at Six Flags Magic Mountain though. That's a fun ride.
 I think I might like Dan Haren as a ballplayer. That doesn't mean I'll collect his cards, though.
 Randy Johnson on a third team! Wow!
 Let's finish with something really fun. Robert, I think I sent you all these cards already.
 Must look tough. Don't smile at the camera.
 Popup. You're out.
 This is an insert that I could have used several months ago. That's a fun design.
 As you can tell from the top corners, this is the black bordered card.
 I love these stadium shots. I really do.
We'll end with a guy who stole my first name.

And that's the end, finally! And I'll be leaving Georgia to return to California tomorrow. Until then, have a fantastic remainder of 2011! Sorry these posts have been quite plain at times. There are more important things going on this week.

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  1. At one point when ol' Grizzleneck was on the Royals...the double-play went 5-4-3...Graffanino to Grudzielanek to Mientkiewicz.

    I felt bad for whoever was typing the closed-captioning on that one.