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Friday, July 25, 2014

TCIC Feature Set Gallery: 2000 Upper Deck Ovation NPB

I mentioned a couple days ago that I picked up the 2000 Upper Deck Ovation NPB set for only about $5. For 60 cards, that is an okay deal, of course, but if you look through the cards below you'll see $5 is a bargain on this set! 

Keep in mind that this is a gallery of cards #31-90. Unless I find a large number of #1-30 inexpensively, don't count on me trying to build the short-printed rookie set. Each of the twelve teams received five base cards, making everything "fair" and "equal" just like BBM and Calbee do today.

Check out all the base cards below, including Ichiro, Hideki Matsui, and many other stars - both in the NPB and MLB!


  1. Considering that a lot of times you see single packs of this set going for $5, $5 for the entire set is pretty impressive.

  2. Yeah, when I bought the set I didn't realize how good it was! Granted, there's a lot more in the $5 packs (or at least a chance for a lot more) but the base set is loaded.