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Monday, July 14, 2014

Resuming my Morning Musume-ing - The Last Packs

We have reached the bottom of the box of the Morning Musume bromide packs.

Yay, a gold signature! And the last pack:

Two-for-two when it comes to the gold signature!
So in 10 packs, how did I do?

There were 100 cards in the box. Ten of those were photo cards, and five were foil signature cards. That left 85 "regular" bromides. However, 15 of those were group images, leaving 70 of the single-subject cards.

The base set (single- and group-photo cards) has 66 cards. They are numbered on the back; I am missing seven cards (all from the single-subject portion of the set).

A complete photo card set is complete with 15 photos, and while I had perfect collation I still need five photos. These are unnumbered.

There are 15 different foil signed cards, and because I only got five in my box I still need 10 more! These, too, are numbered on the back, with an HS- prefix. Interestingly, I pulled 7, 8, 13, 14, and 15. I'm guessing you have to be quite lucky to get all 15 cards across three boxes.

I'm a bit disappointed in the collation of the regular cards in the box. I don't know where I'll ever be able to finish this set without buying another box. Then again, boxes are so cheap I could probably finish the entire master set cheaper by busting packs myself.

The images are pretty fun, too, for studio posed photos of idol performers. Though they could have used costumes instead of street clothes.

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