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Friday, July 4, 2014

2011 Sports Graphic Number Shinjiro Hiyama

The set I posted about yesterday, featuring Kenta Maeda, is just one of many in a series of single-player releases by Sports Graphic Number (or under the Sports Graphic Number name). I believe this is the first baseball issue they printed, issued in 2011 and featuring Shinjiro Hiyama.
 The base cards have several different designs. Some cards seem to be in a series sharing the same design, while other cards appear to be completely unrelated. I was considering showing all the different types, but there were really just too many. This is completely different from the most recent issues, with a very simple design that exists on all the regular cards. However, there are puzzle backs that SGN still does today, as you can see above. The regular cards are identified by the text "REGULAR_##" on the back, with ## being the card number.
 There are Box Privilege cards for the Hiyama set, though I'm not sure how many. If there are only checklists, there must be only two. As you can see, the base set is really divided up into four main subsets, and I might go back and pick up one card from each subset.

The Special card set is split into three subsets of nine cards each; future releases have two subsets. The checklist distinguishes each subset. Each subset also assembles into a puzzle.
 Cards 1-9 have gold foil and a flame style background.
 Cards 11-18 have a red background with Hiyama's jersey number (24), and silver foil.
The last subset, #19-27, has no foil, with a yellow background with a close-up of a tiger's face.

Because I don't have the second checklist and it's not listed in any guides, I'm not sure about any rare cards such as autographs, relics, or photo cards. The other checklist is on my want list right now so I can update this post sometime.

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